Dear church/missional leader,

It’s good to connect with you again! While we missed having you at the 2018 Global Summit in Singapore, we wanted to make sure that you don’t miss out on this valuable resource offered at the event—the 4/14 Academy. This is a hub of free online courses that cover different topics relevant to children’s and youth ministry.  

What’s great about these courses is that you can complete them at your own pace! You can also download and print resources to keep or share with others. All you need is a reliable internet connection capable of streaming video in order to successfully engage in the courses.

Yes, it’s that convenient! In fact, you can start right away with the 'Children's Ministry 101' course that can impact your next generation ministry.


Children’s Ministry 101
4-hour course

This 4-hour introductory course is perfect for those who want to make their children’s ministry program the best that it can be. Through this course, you will be able to learn and apply ministry practices that are rooted in biblical principles.

This practical course is packed with short training videos, activities, and five lessons that cover crucial aspects of children’s ministry. The five lessons include: Children's Advocacy; Knowing Yourself as a Teacher; Characteristics of a Child; Skills of a Teacher; and Teaching the Gospel to Children.

As you can see, this course contains all the right tools to equip you. What’s more, you will get a certificate on completing this course!

Youth Advocacy
40-minute micro-course

Understand the importance of
ministering to the youth and follow
the biblical guidelines for doing so.

Philosophical Approaches
Youth Ministry

10-minute micro-course

Learn four philosophical approaches
to youth ministry and determine
the best one for your ministry.

Developing Student-Led
Ministry Teams

45-minute micro-course

Identify the elements that will empower
the youth to lead and serve in your ministry
and achieve their full spiritual potential.

Teaching Students
to Pray for Others

20-minute micro-course

Learn how to deepen your student
leaders' spiritual maturity as you teach
them to pray for the needs of others.

Teaching Students to Share God’s Truth While They Learn God’s Truth
20-minute micro-course

Explore the ways you can
effectively motivate students to learn
and share God's truth with others.

Wait, there’s more! The 4/14 Academy plans to release new courses on a quarterly basis. In fact, the next one that’s in the pipeline is ‘The Connected Father’—a 4-hour course that teaches fathers to be confident, godly dads who can lead their families with no regrets. Watch out for it!

Aren’t these online courses exciting? Take a step towards developing your ministry skills by enrolling now!

The 4/14 Summit Team

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